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and then, he Kissed Me: A Beau to Beau Young Adult Fiction Romance Book

Returning from six months of living with his mom and her new husband in Atlanta, Georgia, Russell can't wait to see the two new puppies on his dad's farm in Kansas. Russell finds much more than two new puppies on the farm, however. Pierce is a veterinary science student at Kansas State University and his dad's best farm hand, and Russell immediately falls in love with the much more mature man. Russell thinks he will just die if he can't have Pierce for himself, but has a hard time overcoming his youthful ways. Pierce likes Russell, but thinks of him as nothing more than a kid and, of course, the cherished son of his boss. Pierce needs his job, and has a hard time obeying the invisible "Hands Off the Boss' Son" sign that he has carefully painted in his own mind.

They pulled into the drive around sunset, and Russell hurried inside to see the puppies.  "Oh, hi," he said, when he saw the young man holding one of the puppies.  "Oh, hey, are you Russell?  I'm Pierce."  Russell looked at Pierce.  He was gorgeous.  He looked like a real cowboy, with just a little bit of the city in him.  His hair was light, his skin slightly tanned from being out in the sun.  He had kind eyes, and an even kinder smile.  "Russell?"  "Oh, I'm sorry.  Did you say something?"  "I asked if you wanted to hold him," Pierce said.  "Oh, sure."  Russell took the puppy from Pierce.  He was asleep, and he curled up in Russell's arms and continued to sleep.  "His sister is over here."  Pierce motioned for Russell to come over and see her.  Pierce petted the sleeping dog.  "Isn't she perfect?"  Russell just smiled.  "Your dad bought this soft bed for them and some toys.  They like it here." 
The sunlight shone on Pierce's face like a spotlight.  The flannel shirt worn thin and the faded jeans outlined Pierce's body perfectly and through them, Russell could see the muscles that good old fashioned work on the farm had developed.  Pierce had just the right amount of muscle. 

When Pierce turned away from Russell's view of his face, his faded jeans formed to his butt so well that Russell had to look away for a second.  The thin material formed itself over Pierce's well toned butt, kissed the crease between his butt and thighs, and then outlined his perfectly proportioned thighs. 


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